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McKinsey increases the level of difficulty of its PST tests April 23 2015

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At IGotAnOffer, we spend 100 hours designing each McKinsey PST sample test to ensure you train with the best possible material. We also continuously gather feedback from candidates who take the PST to see how the test is evolving from one year to the other in terms of questions and level of difficulty. Feedback gathered...

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McKinsey PST essential business knowledge February 16 2015

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The McKinsey PST doesn’t test your business knowledge per se. It tests your ability to think analytically under time pressure. Having said that, the PST is based on real business cases and being comfortable with basic business terminology makes a big difference. We have put together a short list of essential business terms and a few tricks...

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McKinsey PST advice from a successful candidate January 23 2015

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We recently had a phone chat with Mary, a successful candidate at the McKinsey PST, who trained with IGotAnOffer. In this article, we share her experience preparing for and taking the Problem Solving Test. “I started my preparation two weeks before taking the test. I first took the tests available on the McKinsey website but I soon realised...

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McKinsey PST: 9 top preparation facts and tips December 28 2014

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The McKinsey Problem Solving Test is among the most difficult standardised tests you will likely take in your lifetime. It is therefore worthwhile spending time understanding the basics of the test and learning preparation techniques from those who have succeeded. Here are the nine things you need to know about the test...

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Harvard's consulting club recommends IGotAnOffer November 10 2014

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We are proud to announce that the Harvard graduate consulting club has decided to recommend IGotAnOffer to its members as a resource to prepare for the McKinsey PST. In addition, Harvard students will enjoy access to our training materials at special rates. Our strong track record since our launch six months ago has been instrumental in securing this agreement...

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McKinsey PST 2-week preparation plan November 01 2014

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Most candidates score around 30% the first few times they take a McKinsey Problem Solving Test. However, the cut-off grade is about 70% and a fair amount of practice is therefore required to succeed. In this post, we will outline the four-step approach that we recommend you take in your preparation. The time spent on each step should be tailored to your individual circumstances including...

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McKinsey PST dress code October 12 2014

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If you have been invited to take the McKinsey PST, you might be wondering what you are supposed to wear on the day. Is the dress code business formal or casual? Taking the McKinsey PST is stressful enough not to have to worry about what you are wearing on the day. Here is our take on this question. In general, you will be in one of the following two situations...

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Want to score 90%+ at the McKinsey PST? Do this question in 30 seconds. September 13 2014

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200,000 candidates apply for McKinsey every year and only about 2,000 of them are hired – a 1% success rate. In other words, the selection process at the firm is harder than for Harvard or Stanford’s MBA programmes. Most applicants are extremely smart, and setting yourself apart in this process can be challenging. A potential strategy to achieve this is to score very highly at the McKinsey PST...

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How much preparation is needed to pass the McKinsey PST? July 14 2014

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The McKinsey Problem Solving Test is among the most difficult standardised tests you will likely take in your lifetime. Our best estimate is that candidates need to answer 70%+ of questions correctly to pass the test and that only about 33% of candidates manage to do so. Despite this difficulty, most candidates seem to wait to hear from McKinsey to start preparing for the test...

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Only 33% of candidates pass the McKinsey PST June 27 2014

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It’s no big secret that getting into McKinsey is difficult. But what is less commonly known is the exact percentage of applicants who get into the firm. In a recent interview, Dominic Barton, McKinsey’s Global Managing Director, revealed some information on the firms’ recruitment: 201,000 candidates applied for the firm in 2012 and only...

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