Want to set yourself apart at the BCG Potential Test?

Thousands of candidates coming from the best universities globally take the BCG Potential Test every year. But the competition is fierce and BCG only hires a few of them.

One way to set yourself apart in the recruiting process is to maximise your score at the BCG Potential Test. Most candidates think that their score is only used during the first round of the recruiting process. In reality, if two candidates have the same score in the last round of interviews, BCG will look at their BCG Potential Test scores to determine whom they hire.

Scoring high at the BCG Potential Test is not easy but possible

The BCG Potential Test is a very challenging test especially because of the time constraint. The test contains 23 questions that you have to answer in 45 minutes. This gives you less than 2 minutes per question.

During these 2 minutes, you will not only have to read and understand the question but you will also have to scan through a lot of information and often perform calculations.

Why minimising the number of calculations is important

There are many different ways to answer BCG Potential Test questions, and some are much faster than others. As detailed in our BCG Potential Test Training Programme, one way you can quickly find the correct answer is by consciously trying to minimise the number of calculations you do.

This means that instead of rushing to do calculations after reading the question, you should take some time to think about how you can minimise the number of calculations you have to perform to get to the right answer. You will not only save time by doing fewer calculations but also maximise your chances of doing them accurately.

Start practicing now

This blog post is designed to help you start thinking about this technique and learn how to apply it.

Read through the question below and answer it as quickly as possible in the comment section. It is important that you answer the question without seeing other people’s answers. To do so, scroll down directly to the bottom of the page, and leave your answer before reading other candidates’ proposals.

Good luck, and enjoy!

Answer this question in less than 30 seconds

One of the biggest global airlines has decided to buy new aircrafts. The ratio of first class, business and economy seats in the new aircrafts will be 1 to 3 to 8 and the total number of seats will be 240.

Average ticket prices for popular destinations are expected to be €700 for first class, €300 for business and €150 for economy. The average duration of these flights is 3 hours.

First and business customers get free Wi-Fi on board but economy customers need to pay €2 / hour to use Wi-Fi.

Assuming that only 5% of economy customers use Wi-Fi all the time, what are the expected revenues from a flight to a popular destination using a new aircraft at its full capacity?

  1. €56,048
  2. €56,016
  3. €56,480
  4. €56,160

Additional resources

Candidates from the best universities around the world use our Case Interview Coaching Service, McKinsey Case Interview Training ProgrammeMcKinsey PST Training Programme and BCG Potential Test Training Programme. Some races are worth the extra effort - let's get started!

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