Harvard's consulting club recommends IGotAnOffer

We are proud to announce that the Harvard graduate consulting club has decided to recommend IGotAnOffer to its members as a resource to prepare for the McKinsey PST. In addition, Harvard students will enjoy access to our training materials at special rates.

Our strong track record since our launch six months ago has been instrumental in securing this agreement. So far, more than 80% of candidates who have prepared using our McKinsey PST training programme have successfully passed the test ­­– close to three times the average 33% success rate.

We are delighted by this early success and wanted to thank our customers for their trust and for making this agreement possible. Our plans for the next few months have not changed. We stay true to our mantra of constantly refining our training programme to make you successful.

Some races are worth the extra effort – let’s keep it going!

Additional resources

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The IGotAnOffer team