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New versions of BCG Potential Test are now available! July 03 2017

At IGotAnOffer, we want to make sure you train with the best materials possible. This is why we constantly gather feedback from candidates like you to improve our products. During the first quarter of 2017, a number of candidates from across the world told us that the balance of quantitative and qualitative questions in the BCG Potential Test...

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Want to set yourself apart at the BCG Potential Test? August 10 2015

Thousands of candidates coming from the best universities globally take the BCG Potential Test every year. But the competition is fierce and BCG only hires a few of them.One way to set yourself apart in the recruiting process is to maximise your score at the BCG Potential Test. Most candidates think that their score is only used during the first round...

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BCG Potential Test – How to prepare? January 25 2015

Railway in the mountains

Imagine you are the CEO of BCG. You are in the business of helping companies make better decisions. What is the one thing that could really improve your business both in the short-term and the long-term? Hiring amazing people probably ranks very high on the list! Think about it. You hire the brightest candidates out of universities...

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