McKinsey PST dress code

If you have been invited to take the McKinsey PST, you might be wondering what you are supposed to wear on the day. Is the dress code business formal or casual? Taking the McKinsey PST is stressful enough not to have to worry about what you are wearing on the day. Here is our take on this question:

In general, you will be in one of the following two situations: 

1. Taking the PST only

If you are taking the PST on campus or if you are going to a McKinsey office to take the test but do not have an interview on the same day, it is safe to assume that the dress code is casual. In other words, you are not expected to wear a suit.

In this situation, most candidates will wear their everyday clothes while making sure there is nothing particularly noticeable about their attire. If you are unsure what to wear in this situation, your safest bet is to pick conventional clothes that you are confident will not stand out in a negative way.

2. Taking the PST and interviewing on the same day

If you have been invited to a full assessment day comprising both a McKinsey PST and formal interviews, the dress code should be business formal. In other words, you are expected to wear a suit for women and a suit and a tie for men.

In this situation, a dark or grey suit with a white shirt and a red or blue tie (for men) would be considered appropriate. To learn more, you can read our in-depth article on the consulting dress code for men and women.

If in doubt, you can also ask your McKinsey HR representative about the dress code for the assessment session you are attending. If you do not manage to get an answer to your question on time, your safest bet is to wear a suit and a tie as this can hardly be held against you.

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