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Easily hire a coach in the San Jose timezone and get feedback on your resume that you can apply immediately. Understand what past achievements to focus on (or ignore), how to fine tune your bullet points, etc.

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Akshay, coached by Sreeni
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“Sreeni was incredibly helpful! He gave very helpful advice for lots of aspects of the Google behavioral interview and also interview strategy in general. I would highly recommend meeting with him.“
Jun 18, 2022
Vikas, coached by Geoff
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“It was wonderful talking with Geoff. I am lucky that I got detailed feedback that is actionable as well. I will continue to work with Geoff to make me a better engineer and be successful in the interviews. I highly recommend him :)“
Sep 30, 2021
John, coached by Wendy-Lynn
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“It was awesome working with Wendy-Lynn, highly recommend. Great insight, solid advise, specific tweaks and adjustments she advised were spot on. Highly recommend, great teacher and coach!“
Nov 16, 2020
John, coached by Wendy-Lynn
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“Excellent coach! She's on point on her feedback to me. She gave me homework and some resources I can use to improve on my weaknesses. I look forward to speaking with her again!!!! The best coach I have had in this platform!“
Aug 18, 2021
Linisha, coached by Kevin
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“Kevin is fantastic! So invested, smart and very helpful. He speaks from experience and provides great tips. Doesn't cut corners at all and shares quality feedback. Is also very knowledgeable about PM and PMM. I would strongly recommend Kevin!“
Feb 03, 2022
Priscilla, coached by Tim
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“Session with Tim helped me learn a lot with respect to system design. He was patient throughout the session and gave feedback at the end which is really helpful to work on improving.“
Jun 05, 2021

Stop the guesswork. Hire a resume reviewer and land multiple job offers in San Jose.

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Easy and convenient. Book a resume review in a few clicks. Coaches only need 12h notice to be booked.
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Life-changing results. Tailoring your resume for specific jobs can be the difference between landing multiple interview invitations and missing out.
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Low prices. Pay less than you would on similar resume review platforms.
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100% satisfaction guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your resume review for any reason, get in touch with us within 24h and we’ll refund you.

How does the resume review service work?

Purchase your 1h resume review session

Once you’ve purchased your 1h resume feedback session, you’ll be able to schedule it with any coach from your account. All coaches have been vetted by our team. They have extensive resume screening experience and a passion for making others successful.

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1h resume review

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Schedule your session and upload your resume

Coaches only need 12h notice to be booked. So, you could have your resume reviewed as early as today. You simply need to pick a coach, upload your resume and answer a few simple questions about yourself so they can prepare for the session.

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Get feedback on your resume over a 1h video call

At the time of the session, you’ll login to a video call to meet your coach. They’ll walk through the resume to give you feedback on how to improve it and answer any questions you might have. If time allows, they’ll also start editing parts of the resume with you. You’ll be in touch with your coach over email before and after the session so you can ask any questions you have.

Coach gives valuable feedback in a video call

Get multiple interview invitations!

Getting an interview is the hardest part of the process. Our team can help maximize your chances of getting multiple interview invitations from top companies. Coaching is a small investment (e.g. ~$150) that can make a huge difference to your annual income (e.g. ~$200,000+) and career trajectory.

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