How much does interview coaching cost? (avg. rates)

Interview coaching costs

Interview coaching can be a great investment in your career. But with so many services to choose from and a whole range of prices, how much should you expect to pay?

To make things clearer, we’ve analyzed the interview coaching market and compared the services that are available at different price brackets.

Let’s go!

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1. How much does interview coaching cost?

The average price for interview coaching is $150 per hour, which will get you an experienced coach with a deep knowledge of your industry and your role. As a budget option, some coaches on online marketplaces charge as low as $65 per hour. At the top end, executive coaching packages start at around $500 and run into the thousands.

Various factors affect what you might pay for interview coaching:

  • The type of expertise the coaches have and how specialized they are
  • How good the website is (e.g. can you instantly schedule a coach or do you have to call?)
  • Level of seniority (e.g an exec coach costs more than an entry-level coach)
  • Booking individual hours vs bulk booking
  • How much of the fee the coaching platform keeps for itself
  • Whether it includes added services as well as the mock interview session

2. Overview of popular interview coaching websites and prices

Below we list the prices per hour for some of the most popular interview coaching websites out there, across three price brackets. We found that $150 per hour is the industry standard, with many websites charging more and a few charging less.

2.1 Budget interview coaching services

It’s not easy to find interview coaches for under $100 per hour, but it is possible if you’re prepared to spend a bit longer browsing for a suitable coach and you’re willing to take more of a risk.

#1 InterviewBuddy
InterviewBuddy has interview coaching sessions available from $40 p/h, which makes it very affordable. However, if you want a more specialized coach it will cost you more, meaning you’d save just a small amount versus using a higher quality platform such as IGotAnOffer.

#2 Fiverr
Fiverr is a general online marketplace so coaches’ prices vary greatly, but you can find some who charge as little as $30 for a 20-minute session.

#3 TechInterviewCoaching
TechInterviewCoaching offers mock interviews for as little as $101 if you buy in bulk, although you don’t get much choice of coaches.

2.2 Best value interview coaching services

#1 IGotAnOffer
On IGotAnOffer you’ll pay $149 for one 1-hour coaching session, or as little as $119 if you buy in bulk. Select from a large choice of coaches (from companies such as Google, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, etc.) with instant scheduling.

#2 MyConsultingCoach
MyConsultingCoach offers case interview coaching for $142 per hour which is excellent value, although you don't have many coaches to choose from.

#3 Mentor Cruise
As its name suggests, MentorCruise is more focused on mentoring and career coaching, but you can find interview coaches there. Prices vary but most are between $100 and $180 per hour.

2.3 Premium interview coaching services

#1 The Muse
The Muse actually offers three tiers of pricing, but most of their good coaches can be found on their second tier of $329 for a 75-minute chat.

#2 Wall Street Prep
For $400 Wall Street Prep lets you book a 1-to-1 mock interview with an ex-banker from the likes of Goldman Sachs, etc (you can do the same on IGotAnOffer for just $149).

For a longer list of coaching websites, including analysis on quality of coaches, ease of booking, customer reviews, etc, see our guide: Best interview coaching services

3. Everything else you need to know about interview coaching

Now you know how much interview coaching usually costs, let’s answer any other typical questions about interview coaching that you may be asking yourself.

  • What does an interview coach actually do?

An interview coach should enhance your performance in job interviews and so increase your chances of landing an offer. A good coach will be able to do the following for you:

  • Give you expert feedback
  • Tell you if you're ready
  • Help you prepare more efficiently
  • Explain what your interviewer will be looking for
  • Help you with nerves and confidence
  • Help you structure your answers
  • Share valuable prep resources
  • Help you increase your salary offer
  • Improve your resume

The most common format for interview coaching is the mock interview, where you’ll spend the first part of the session answering typical questions, and then for the last 15 minutes the coach will give you feedback.

The mock format is usually the best way of honing your technique and pinpointing weaknesses for you to work on. But most coaches will be happy to be flexible should you want to structure your session differently.

  • Is hiring an interview coach worth it? 

That depends on your personal circumstances. There are many contexts in which some doing some coaching in the weeks before your next job interview would make total sense, such as the following:

  • The job you’re applying for is very competitive
  • The job you’re applying for offers a much higher salary than your current one
  • You’re about to do several rounds of job interviews
  • Interviews make you very nervous
  • You’re getting interviews but not offers
  • You haven’t interviewed in a while
  • You really want the job and are ready to go the extra mile to get it

Of course, to really make sure it’s a worthwhile experience you need to get the right interview coach. Ideally, you’ll want somebody with experience interviewing in your industry, ideally for your role. And you’ll want to read reviews to get an idea of the coach’s personality and whether they’ll be a good match for you.

The easiest way to do this is on our interview coaching platform. Browse over 200 coaches, read their coaching profiles and check out their reviews, and see what timeslots each one has available right now. Then, purchase your coaching sessions in a few clicks and you’ll be able to schedule a session instantly. It’s that easy!


We hope that answers all your questions about interview coaching costs. For a comprehensive overview of coaching websites across different categories and specialties, read Best Interview Coaching Services 2023.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your interviews :)

The IGotAnOffer team.