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Tom Parry

Content Marketing Manager
Tom started his career making radio programmes for the BBC before transitioning to Tech and joining Cabify, a Spanish/Latin American mobility app. Since joining IGotAnOffer in 2021 he has written or edited over 100 tech interview guides. Tom has also conducted many mock interviews with product manager and software engineer coaches for our YouTube channels.

Latest articles by Tom Parry:

an engineering manager points at her  computer screen to show something to one of her team
Software engineeringJun 11, 2024
Engineering Manager Interview Prep (6 steps to a FAANG offer)
Complete guide to engineering manager interview prep. Learn what to expect, and practice with questions from Meta, Google, Amazon, etc.
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A blue neon sign that says 'Do Something Great', on a black background
CoachingJun 06, 2024
What is Career Coaching? (benefits tips, prices)
Everything you need to know about career coaching; what it is, how it works and whether you should be using it. Includes qualitative data and insights from our career coaching database.
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Facebook data engineer interview
DataMay 29, 2024
Meta Data Engineer Interview (questions, process, prep)
Complete guide to Meta data engineer interviews. Learn more about the role, interview process, practice with example questions, and learn key interviewing and preparation tips.
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Cracking engineering manager interview guide
Software engineeringMay 15, 2024
10 Most Important Engineering Manager Interview Questions (+ how to answer)
A deep dive into ten crucial engineering manager interview questions. For use by both interviewers/recruiters and candidates, with tips on how to answer and what to look for. Plus, a comprehensive list of 50 further questions, fully categorized.
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Meta engineering manager interview
Software engineeringMay 13, 2024
Meta Engineering Manager Interview (questions, process, prep)
Complete guide to Meta (formerly Facebook) engineering manager interviews. Learn more about the role, the interview process, practice with example questions, and learn key interviewing and preparation tips.
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Two people doing interview coaching online
CoachingMay 09, 2024
20 Best Interview Coaching Services 2024 (By Price, Industry, Etc)
Review of the best interview coaching services around, with an overview of prices, ease of booking and selection of coaches for each website on the list. Also includes our recommendations for different needs and roles, including executive, managers and software engineers.
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mentorcruise website homepage
CoachingMay 02, 2024
MentorCruise Alternatives: Our Top Picks (free & paid)
A shortlist of the best alternatives to MentorCruise, both free and paid. Fully categorized. Includes opinions of GrowthMentor, Mentoring Club, and other good MentorCruise alternatives.
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Google engineering manager interview
Software engineeringMar 06, 2024
Google Engineering Manager Interview (questions & prep)
Complete guide to Google engineering manager interviews (also applies to GCP) with insight from Google ex-interviewers. Practice with example questions, understand the interview process, learn key interview tips and follow our preparation plan.
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