How we write articles

We pride ourselves on providing accurate, well-structured, and useful information for professionals in key moments in their careers.

The coaches on our platform have a very high regard for our guides and often recommend them to the individuals they work with. Because we’re a small team, we can assure a much higher quality control than other sites that outsource articles to large numbers of freelance writers.

Our process

Most of the guides on our blog have had over 50 hours of work put into them by our team. Some, over 100 hours. When writing, we prioritise clarity and usefulness over everything else.

To research our articles, we analyze and cross-reference data from multiple sources, the most important being the coaches on our platform. They have worked at all the companies we write about, and so we use their expertise to glean key insights and fact-check.

Other sources include sites such as, forums, personal blogs, candidates who've worked with us, and of course any official materials published by relevant companies (e.g. Google careers site).

How we use AI

We have found that AI tools such as ChatGPT are not yet capable of creating content that reaches our quality standards, so we use them very minimally. When we have used AI to generate content, it has always been reviewed/improved by one of our team before publishing.