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Easily hire an affordable Microsoft interview coach to prepare for your upcoming interviews. Learn what questions to expect, how to answer them, and get feedback you can apply immediately.

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Alexander, coached by Geoff
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“Geoff was a great coach! I really enjoyed me session with him. He came prepared with specific questions and was able to give actionable feedback at the end of our session. Thanks!“
Dec 05, 2023
saurabh, coached by Arundhati
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“Had a great session with Arundhati. She provided expert advice, tips and tricks to help me level up my prep for PM interviews. I would highly recommend her for your interview prep.“
Nov 14, 2023
Jonathan, coached by Charles
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“Charles is clearly an expert. He provided both encouragement and actionable feedback to improve my performance, taking into account my goals for the session.“
Oct 26, 2023
Divya, coached by Vikas
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“It was great working with Vikas. He highlighted what areas I should work on, in giving impactful interviews for my upcoming interviews. He guided me with examples and he would patiently listen to me through my STAR stories. Looking forward for more such collaboration with him,“
Oct 23, 2023
David, coached by Srividhya
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“Srividhya was very helpful! She shared meaningful feedback and suggestions to improve my resume and strategically approach my job search. I highly recommend her.“
Oct 11, 2023
Tim, coached by Sudheer
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“Sudheer was great to work with. He provided solid advice on each part of my resume and suggested a good overall strategy tailored to my experience and the type of job I am looking for.“
Oct 09, 2023

Stop the guesswork. Hire a Microsoft interview coach to streamline your preparation, and land multiple job offers.

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Save time. Save hours of interview preparation by following your coaches’ advice. Book any coach in a few clicks. Start your first session as early as today.
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No regrets. Working with expert Microsoft coaches can be the difference between landing an amazing job and missing out.
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High ROI. Spending ~$500 on coaching often results in salary increases of $30,000 or more. It’s worth it.
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Save money. We’re the largest and most affordable interview coaching service. Pay less than you would on other platforms.
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100% satisfaction guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your Microsoft interview coaching session for any reason, get in touch with us within 24h and we’ll refund you.

How does the Microsoft interview coaching service work?

Step 1 - Purchase your coaching hours.

You can use your coaching hours with a single coach, or spread them across multiple coaches. All coaches have been vetted by our team. They have extensive interviewing experience and a passion for making others successful.

How many coaching hours would you like to purchase?

Hours can be scheduled with any coach and for any service once purchased.
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Total: $695
You’re saving US$50.00

Step 2 - Schedule your hours with any coach.

For each coaching hour, pick a coach, and select a time in their calendar. Coaches only need 12h notice to be booked; you could start practicing as early as today.

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Step 3 - Practice a mock interview for 45mins, and get feedback for 15mins.

Each coaching session lasts 1h. At the time of the session, you’ll login to a Zoom call to meet your coach. They’ll confirm the objectives of the session with you, give you a mock interview (45mins), followed by feedback (15mins). You’ll be in touch with your coach over email before and after the session so you can ask any questions you have.

Interview coach and candidate conduct a video call

Step 4 - Get an offer!

Interviewing is hard and there are usually lots of great candidates going for each role. Interview coaching is a small investment (e.g. ~$500) that can make a huge difference to your annual income (e.g. ~$200,000+) and career trajectory.

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Streamline your interview preparation. Learn what questions to expect, how to answer them, and get feedback you can apply immediately.