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Max is IGotAnOffer’s founder. He started his career at Bloomberg but wanted to switch to strategy consulting. He was interviewing off-cycle, didn't go to the right schools, etc. It turned out to be a real struggle and took him about a year to get a job at Oliver Wyman in London. During that process he learned more about interviewing. While working as a strategy consultant, Max started IGotAnOffer as a way to give back. He wrote blog posts about interviewing, coached people to get offers in consulting, etc. After 5 years in consulting he decided to make the jump full time on IGotAnOffer. The company now has hundreds of coaches on the platform helping people at critical points in their careers in tech, consulting and finance. And we're just getting started!

Latest articles by Max Serrano:

Young woman draws her system design diagram on whiteboard during system design interview
Software engineeringMay 21, 2024
11 Most-Asked System Design Interview Questions (+ answers)
Comprehensive list of system design interview questions, for both fresher and FAANG candidates. Includes answer outlines for the 11 most common questions, plus expert tips and links to the best prep resources.
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Facebook pin buttons
Software engineeringApr 19, 2024
Meta Software Engineer Interview (questions, process, prep)
Ace the Meta (formerly Facebook) software engineer interviews with this preparation guide. Get over 45 example questions, an interview process breakdown, role and salary information and links to high-quality prep materials.
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Man practising a mock interview
CoachingApr 03, 2024
Best Mock Interview Sites (for Engineers, PMs, Data Scientists, etc.)
Browse best-in-class mock interview websites for software engineers, data scientists, product managers, management consultants and more. Find the right fit for your needs by comparing prices, number of experts available and quality of the service.
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Product manager interview preparation
Product managementMar 27, 2024
Product Manager Interview Prep (7 steps to a FAANG offer)
Follow the 7 steps here to ace your PM interview. Learn which questions are most frequent and how to answer them. Plus, see tips and insights from top PMs and practice with example questions and solutions.
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Case Interview
ConsultingMar 18, 2024
Case Interview Prep (7-steps to ace consulting interviews)
Step-by-step case interview preparation guide to help you get offers from top consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, and more. Includes case frameworks and example cases to practise with, plus tips on PEI and fit questions.
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Meta logo rendered in 3D
Software engineeringMar 15, 2024
Meta Job Offer Negotiation (4 Steps to a $50k+ Increase)
Negotiating an offer can feel uncomfortable and stressful. But going through this short-term pain is worth it. As an example, getting a $50k increase is common at the L5 level when negotiating well.
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Amazon Echo Dot
Product managementFeb 28, 2024
Amazon Product Manager Interview (questions, process, prep)
Comprehensive guide to the Amazon product manager interview in 2024. Includes detailed information about the interview process, questions, leadership principles, answer frameworks, plus links to more resources. Everything you need to help you prepare.
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Google stall at an event in Cologne, Germany
Software engineeringJan 30, 2024
Google Software Engineer Interview (Questions, Process, Prep)
Comprehensive list of preparation facts and tips for the Google software engineering interviews. From the basics to the best success strategies.
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