Best Mock Interview Websites (for Engineers, PMs, Data Scientists, etc.)

Man practising a mock interview

Find the right mock interview website for you. Whether you're a software engineer, data scientist, product manager, management consultant, etc.

This article will let you easily compare the different mock interview services available online based on price, number of experts available and the average quality rating of the service.

We've listed the best mock interview websites for different types of mock interviews below.

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1. Best mock interview websites for coding interviews

2. Best mock interview websites for system design interviews

3. Best mock interview websites for behavioral interviews

4. Best mock interview websites for data science interviews

5. Best mock interview websites for product manager interviews

6. Best mock interview websites for consulting case interviews

6. What is the purpose of a mock interview?

In a mock interview, you pretend to have a job interview with a coach or another person. Mock interviews help you get ready in several ways:

  1. Better speaking skills: Practicing alone is useful for knowing what questions to expect and how to answer them. But, it's also important to learn how to communicate your answers quickly. Mock interviews let you improve this skill before your real interviews.
  2. Gaining confidence: We believe that practice makes perfect. Mock interviews help you feel more confident before your interviews. The more practice you do, the more confident you'll be during the actual interviews.
  3. Getting feedback before your interview: Mock interviews with an expert are a great way to get feedback on how you're doing and make changes before your real interviews. It's common for people trying to get jobs at competitive companies like Google or McKinsey to do 30+ mock interviews to perform their best during the actual interviews.

In short, use mock interviews to prepare so you can do your best during the interview process.

7. How do I prepare for a mock interview?

To prepare for a mock interview based on your situation, follow these steps:

  1. For your first mock interview, practice by conducting a self-interview out loud. Act as both the interviewer, asking questions, and the candidate, providing answers. This method may feel odd initially, but it's proven to be effective.

  2. If you've previously participated in mock interviews, take time to consider past mistakes and feedback. Prepare for your upcoming mock interview by ensuring you don't repeat the same errors.

Are you ready for your interviews?

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Of course, the more real interviews you can get invited to, the greater your chances of landing a job offer.

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