20 Best Interview Coaching Services 2024 (By Price, Industry, Etc)

Two people doing interview coaching online

The secret is out: lots of job candidates are doing interview coaching to get an advantage. If you’ve got an interview coming up, you’re probably asking yourself: what is an interview coach, and should I hire one?

It’s tricky because there are dozens of interview coaching services out there, with huge variations in prices that sometimes bear little relation to the quality of the coaching.

We’ve searched through a ton of them and picked out 20 great interview coaching services. We've also categorized them for different needs and specialties.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Let’s go!

1. Everything you need to know about interview coaching

Okay, first let's answer the main questions you're likely to have about interview coaching: how it works, is it worth it, what are the prices, etc.

(Feel free to skip straight to the shortlist of best interview coaching services)

1.1 What is interview coaching?

Interview coaching is where you work with a professional coach to increase your chances of impressing in a job interview and landing a job offer. Interview coaches usually have significant experience running interviews themselves, ideally in your target industry or even target company.

You can use interview coaching throughout your preparation process, or you might just want to book a couple of mock interviews in the days preceding the real thing as a kind of dress rehearsal.

Interview coaching is usually 1-to-1 but you can also find companies that will put you with a cohort or offer group coaching sessions.

1.2 Is it cheating to use an interview coach?

While not all candidates are happy to advertise that they’ve used an interview coach, most big companies accept that their interview process is long and difficult and interview coaching is a valid preparation tool.

Many top companies have recruitment relationships with interview coaching sites and some, such as BCG, have even been known to offer candidates free interview coaching sessions ahead of their interviews!

1.3 What can an interview coach do for you?

An interview coach will teach you how to give better-quality answers and communicate more confidently. If they’ve worked in your industry, they can give you specific insights into what your interviewers will be looking for.

The most common format for the coaching session is a mock interview. Your coach will play the role of the interviewer and ask you the type of questions that you’re preparing for. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that an interview coach can help you.

#Give you expert feedback

After conducting a mock interview with you, your coach should be able to zoom in on your weaker areas and give you highly actionable, specific feedback that you can take away and use to improve your performance.

#Guage whether you’re ready

Some candidates like to use interview coaching to test their readiness levels. They then adapt their interview preparation accordingly.

If your coach has experience interviewing for the role and company you’re targeting, they will have a good idea of the expectations and will be able to tell you whether or not you’d get hired on the basis of your mock interview.

That way, you can either go into your interview full of confidence or take the necessary steps to improve in the time you have left.

#Help you prepare more efficiently

Instead of booking a session with an interview coach as a “dress rehearsal” for the real thing, you might choose to use a coach earlier on in your preparation process. That way, you’ve got more time to leverage the coach’s insights and feedback and really drill down on your weaker areas.

#Help you with nerves and confidence

Apparently, 93% of people feel nervous before a job interview. Unless you’re one of the 7% with ice in their veins, you’ll need to find a way to deal with nerves, remain calm, and project confidence.

The more you practice something, the less stressful it should become, so mock interviews with a coach can really help reduce anxiety. A good interview coach should be able to give you some tips on how to deal with interview nerves and get you in a more confident frame of mind going into the real thing.

#Give insights into the interview process

Too often, interview processes at large corporations are slow and rather opaque and Glassdoor.com is useful but has its limits. If you really want some insight from someone who’s been on the inside of the process, book an interview coach who has run interviews at the company you’re interviewing for.

#Help you structure your answers

Almost any answer you give in an interview should have a structure, even when you’re answering a simple question such as “Why do you want to work here?”.

You can use common frameworks to structure your answers. For example, most people use the STAR method for answering behavioral questions (though we believe that the SPSIL method is better). An interview coach can show you the relevant answer frameworks that are relevant to your interviews.

#Improve your communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)

Demonstrating good communication skills is critical to acing an interview. A good interview coach can help you organize your thoughts, clarify your message, and use language that is simple and easy to understand. 

They should also be able to give you tips on your non-verbal communication.

#Help you increase the salary offer

Working with an interview coach can help you ace the interview and put yourself into a stronger negotiating position than you would achieved otherwise.

#Improve your resume

Some interview coaches also offer resume review services, where instead of running a mock interview they’ll take the time to go through your resume and pinpoint areas for improvement.

1.4 How much does an interview coach cost?

The average price for interview coaching is $150 per hour, which will get you an experienced coach with a deep knowledge of your industry and your role. 

As a budget option, some coaches on online marketplaces charge as low as $65 per hour. At the top end, executive coaching packages start at around $500 and run into the thousands.

Various factors affect what you might pay for interview coaching:

  • The type of expertise the coaches have and how specialized they are
  • How good the website is (e.g. can you instantly schedule a coach or do you have to call?)
  • Level of seniority (e.g an exec coach costs more than an entry-level coach)
  • Booking individual hours vs bulk booking
  • How much of the fee the coaching platform keeps for itself
  • Whether it includes added services as well as the mock interview session

We researched interview coaching prices across twenty successful sites, and you can see the results in the table below.

Online interview coaching service prices per hour:

Fiverr: from $65 p/h
Wendi Mclean: $100 p/h
TechInterviewCoaching: $101 - $134 p/h
MyConsultingCoach: $142 p/h
IGotAnOffer: $119 - $149 p/h
Top Interview: $149p/h
Interviewing.io: $150+
Mentor Cruise: $50 - $500 p/h
Interview-Ready: $160 p/h
TryExponent: $200 p/hr
RocketBlocks: $200 p/h
The Job Sauce: $200 p/h
ExpertInterviewCoaching: $230 p/h
The Muse: $150 - $750 p/h
Arielle Executive: ~$295+ p/h
Wall Street Prep: $400 p/h
Skillful: ~$500+ p/h

As you can see from the range of prices above, there should be something to suit most budgets. The key is to make sure you're getting value for money.

On our platform, you'll pay $149 or less for a 1-hour session with an ex-interviewer from Google, McKinsey, JP Morgan, etc. We believe that's pretty great value, but we encourage you to compare it to other websites and make your own mind up.

1.5 Is interview coaching worth it?

The short answer is: yes, probably. However, it’s not always that simple. Let’s take a look at exactly when it is worth the investment, and when it’s probably best to pass. 

1.5.1 It’s worth hiring an interview coach when…

#You’re applying for a very competitive job

Getting a job at companies like Google or McKinsey is harder than getting into Harvard. Thousands of applicants apply for each open position, and you can do fairly well in your interviews and still not make the cut.

Doing mock interviews with someone who used to run interviews at your target company can help you understand exactly what you need to do.

#You’re facing several rounds of interviews

If you’re hoping to get a job at a top firm, you’ll probably have to go through several interviews. And you won’t be able to rely on a smile and a strong resume - you’ll need to give great answers to tough questions, again and again.

In this context, anything you can do to improve your interview skills and approach the interviews with confidence makes a lot of sense.

#You’re going for a significant salary increase

Imagine you’re applying for a job that’s going to earn you an extra $20,000 per year. From a purely financial perspective, why wouldn’t you spend a few hundred dollars on interview coaching to increase your chances?

Many of the candidates who use our platform see it in these simple terms. Some claim that the benefit-to-cost ratio is over 100. 

#Interviews make you very nervous

Almost everyone gets at least a bit nervous before job interviews, but some people get so stressed that they can’t give a good account of themselves.

Doing mock interviews with a coach will make the real thing seem less daunting, purely by repetition. Plus, some coaches will be able to teach you relaxation and focus techniques.

#You’re getting interviews but not offers

Unfortunately, most companies aren’t very good at giving feedback after an unsuccessful interview, so often it’s up to you to try and guess where you’re going wrong.

An interview coach can pinpoint your weaknesses and work with you to improve them.

#You haven’t interviewed in a while

As with most things, interviewing skills can get pretty rusty if you don’t use them for a while. Plus, things change. For example, a typical interview with a top corporation is run quite a bit differently today compared to how it was ten years ago.

An interview coach should be plugged into your industry and will explain exactly what you can expect from each of your interviews.

#Your communication skills aren’t great

For 90% of jobs, communication skills are important. Even for more technical roles such as software engineer, you won’t be able to get into the top companies on the strength of your technical skills alone. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate in the interview that you can work well with people and will contribute positively to the “culture” of the company.

Luckily, improving your communication skills can be fairly straightforward with a bit of practice and some expert guidance.

#You really really really want the job 

Sometimes, you have to simplify your thought process and ask yourself: “how badly do I want this job?”

If you really, really want it and you’ve already prepared as much as you possibly can, then interview coaching may be one of the only things left that you can do to increase your chance of success.

1.5.2 It’s probably not worth hiring an interview coach when…

#You’re not even getting invited to interviews

If you’re not making it to the interview stage, you probably need to work on your resume a bit more. You can do this with a help of a resume coach, or with handy online guides such as this one we wrote for product managers (most of it is relevant to any position).

#You’re making a sideways or backward move 

If you’re not highly motivated for the position, then you may decide that interview coaching isn’t worth the investment. After all, there’s not much point investing in a coach if you’re not going to back it up by doing the preparation work as well in your own time.

#You’re expecting an informal interview process

It’s generally agreed that interview coaching is more effective for candidates who go through an interview process that is reasonably formal and standardized.

An informal interview often just takes the format of a “chat” and depends on the whims of the person who is hiring you. A key factor in whether you get hired may be simply whether they like you. With such subjective criteria, this type of interview is more difficult to train for.

#You need help with aptitude tests

Many large companies use online aptitude tests to filter out candidates who lack the technical, analytical, or conceptual skills for the role. If you’re failing tests, you may want to get help from an expert in that field (e.g. a math coach) rather than an interview coach, as they’ll probably be better placed to teach you the necessary skills.

1.6 How does interview coaching work?

The interview coaching process can vary depending on which service you use and your specific needs. By way of example, here’s how it works on IGotAnOffer.

Step 1: Purchase coaching credits

You can buy just one coaching session but it’s cheaper if you buy in bulk. Coaching credits are valid for all our coaches, so you can mix and match, and we refund any unused sessions.

Step 2: Choose a coach

Browse hundreds of coaches and filter by company, role, skills, etc. You can see coaches’ reviews and available timeslots, so when you find the right match, book them in a couple of clicks.

Step 3: Answer a few questions

When you book your session, you’ll be asked a few questions, for example: what company you’re applying for, the specific role, whether you want a practice a mock interview or have a conversation, etc.

This will help your coach prepare for your coaching session and help you get maximum benefit from it.

Step 4: Do the interview coaching session

You’ll be sent an email invite and all you’ll need to do is connect online using the link. Sessions last for 1 hour. Usually, you’ll do a 45-minute mock interview with 15 minutes for feedback.

Step 5: Apply what you’ve learned

You’ll get actionable feedback on the content of your answers, your communication skills, and which areas you most need to improve on.

After the session, you’ll want to practice applying the advice and feedback that you’ve been given. You may then want to book another session - with the same coach or a different one, that’s entirely up to you.

Step 6: Ace the interview and get an offer

All your hard work pays off, it's time to celebrate!

Okay, if you’ve decided that you’re ready to get some interview coaching, let’s take a look at the best places to find an interview coach.

2. Top 3 Interview Coaching Services Overall 

We’ve picked out 3 online interview coaching platforms that score highly on all the important things; value for money, quality of coaches, choice of coaches, ease of booking and scheduling, and customer service.

#1 IGotAnOffer.com

IGotAnOffer interview coaching

Okay, so perhaps there was some bias involved in the decision-making here. But a 4.95 average star rating from over 10k reviews is hard to ignore.

IGotAnOffer lets you browse over 200 ex-interviewer coaches, from companies such as Google, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, etc. You can see the coaches' hourly availability and book your online session in a couple of clicks, something you often can’t do on rival platforms. And if you’re not satisfied, you get a full refund.

Stands out for: 4.95 average user rating
Price: $119 - $149 p/h
Money-back guarantee: Yes
Pros: Low prices, large choice of coaches, instant scheduling
Cons: One-size fits all pricing
Specializes in: Consulting, Tech and Finance

 #2 LinkedIn

LinkedIn coaches

If you can’t find a coach with the profile you’re looking for on any of the dedicated coaching websites, try LinkedIn. The sheer number of coaches available means that there is something for every need.  If you have the time, you can find really good online coaches here and prices can be lower than on other sites.

The downside is that they don’t display their prices and there’s no booking system so you have to message a coach and wait for them to get back to you.

Stands out for: Diverse range of coaches
Price: On request
Money-back guarantee: No
Pros: Large choice of coaches
Cons: No booking system, price not displayed.

#3 Interviewing.io


Interviewing.io is our third pick because it’s so different from the many other coaching platforms available. It’s specialized towards the software engineering community and the quality of the coaches tends to be very high (they will have worked at Google, Amazon, etc.) Interestingly, it offers total anonymity by using voice interviews only (no video),  which some users might prefer.

Stands out for: Total anonymity
Price: Starts at $150 
Money-back guarantee: Yes
Pros: Superb coaches, great prep videos for engineers
Cons: You have to join a waitlist.

3. Best Free Interview Coaching 

Okay, so like lunch, there’s really no such thing as free interview coaching. But there are some sites where you  get free interview practice by doing mock interviews with other people also preparing for interviews.


Pramp interview coaching

Pramp is a free mock interview platform for people preparing for tech interviews (software engineers, product managers, etc). Many candidates start off doing free mock interviews on Pramp and then move on to paid interview coaching to get to the next level. A great site to use if you have plenty of prep time left before your interview.

Price: Free
Pros: Free practice, partner matching system, good customer service
Cons: Occasional no-shows, lower quality feedback


InterviewBit interview coaching

InterviewBit is another platform offering free technical mock interviews for engineers applying for their dream job. As it’s aimed specifically at engineers it also has some nice coding features built-in. You can also take free mock assessments to gauge your level ahead of your coding interview.

Price: Free
Pros: Partner matching system, good UX
Cons: Occasional no-shows, lower quality feedback

4. Best Value Interview Coaching Websites 

While the upside is high, interview coaching can seem expensive. It’s difficult to find good coaching for less than $100 per hour, but we’ve managed to find some valid options.


InterviewBuddy is a new platform that takes a no-frills approach to interview coaching online. If you don’t mind being given a coach who may not have expertise in your area, it can be a very affordable way to practice and get useful feedback.

Price: From ~$40 p/h
Pros: Very affordable, easy to use
Cons: 2 day waiting period, specialized coaches cost more, platform in early stages.

#Wendi McLean

Wendi Mclean interview coaching

Wendi has done over 1500 hours of coaching and so we were surprised by the competitive price of her interview coaching package: $250 for a 1.5h call and two follow-ups. She offers a free consultation call before payment, and is used to working with people from all sorts of professional backgrounds.

Price: $250 for 2.5 hours of calls
Pros: Low price per hour, very experienced coach
Cons: Limited availability, just one coach


Interview coaching on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can find freelancers for all sorts of tasks, including interview coaching. Some coaches on Fiverr allow you to book sessions as short as 20 minutes for around $30, so if prices on dedicated coaching sites are really out of your reach, Fiverr might be worth a try.

Price: Starts at ~$65 per hour
Pros: Low coach prices
Cons: No quality control, low trust site.

5. Best Interview Coaching for Executives 

If you’re at executive level or higher you’ll need a coach that is experienced at a very senior level and understands the unique challenges involved.

#Arielle Executive Coaching

Arielle executive interview coaching

Arielle coaching has offices in New York, Sydney and Melbourne. They only work with candidates who have held very senior leadership positions and this enables them to offer a bespoke, in-depth service, spending an average of 20 hours with each customer to create their personal “brand”. They have some impressive testimonials and if you’re really looking to invest in personalized coaching, Arielle could be for you.

Price: $2k+
Pros: Bespoke, 360º service
Cons: High cost, timezone can be tricky.


Interview-Ready coaching

Interview-ready is a coaching website set up by interview coach Clare Reed, but there are also a few other coaches you can book if you prefer. Clare has a wealth of experience working with CEO or Director level candidates and we were impressed by the relatively low price per hour when you book a package with her.

Price: ~$800+ for 5 hours
Pros: Good booking system, package includes 2hr video course
Cons: Limited choice of coaches


Skillfully coaching

Pamela Skillings is a well-known interview coach and has helped hundreds of people land their dream jobs. She leverages her experience as a hiring manager, a human resources executive, and a professional coach.

Price: $750+
Pros: Extremely effective coach
Cons: Limited availability, high starting price

6 Best Interview Coaching for Managers 

If you’re interviewing for a management role you’ll want to book a coach that can give expert advice for questions on project and people management and leadership. At management level salaries can vary hugely, so you may also want to learn about how to better negotiate yours.


TopInterview coaching

TopInterview is actually a fairly small interview coaching company but it gets a lot of good press.  Nick D does most of the coaching and his profile looks impressive (MBA in economics and has coached over 500 individuals). Nick is used to coaching executive and senior managerial candidates, so it could be a good option for you, especially if you’re applying for a business role.

Price: $149 per hour
Pros: Competitive pricing, well-accredited coaches
Cons: You can’t browse coaches, small selection of coaches

#The Job Sauce

The Job Sauce is a coaching site that also offers a resume writing service and salary negotiation. It has some good reviews on TrustPilot and the pricing per hour is competitive. The downsides are that unlike on IGotAnOffer, you can’t choose your coach and booking a timeslot isn’t super straightforward.

Price: $297 for 1.5 hours of calls
Pros: Competitive pricing, includes bonus salary negotiation call
Cons: You can’t choose your coach, can’t see available time slots before paying

7. Best Interview Coaching for Consultants 


RocketBlocks interview coaching

Founded by former BCG consultant Kenton Kivestu, RocketBlocks focuses on Consulting and Product Management coaching online. We’ve heard good things about it and it’s got lots of good supporting resources that you’ll get access to as part of your monthly fee.

The downside is that you have to pay a relatively high price, considering that IGotAnOffer has dozens of MBB ex-interviewer coaches for just $149 per hour.

Price: $200 per hour + $35p/m
Pros: Strong reputation, good supporting resources
Cons: Quite pricey, can’t browse coaching without signing up



MyConsultingCoach makes our list of recommendations because of its competitive pricing and good reviews. However, you only have four coaches to choose from, which isn't’ great if you’re looking for a coach from a specific firm. And to sign up you have to fill in a form and wait for an email.

Price: $142 per hour
Pros: Competitive price
Cons: Small coach selection, slow sign up process

8. Best Interview Coaching for Tech (Software Engineers, PMs, etc) 


TryExponent interview coachingTryExponent is one of the leading platforms for tech candidates looking to land their dream job. The site is packed full of resources and while it’s mainly known for its courses, it also does interview coaching. You’ll find a good range of software engineer or PM coaches with experience at top FAANG companies. 

However, the price is a bit high. In fact, if you go to IGotAnOffer instead you can often book a session with the exact same coach for $60 less!

Price: $200 for 1 hour
Pros: Decent UX, FAANG coaches, free prep materials
Cons: High price


Tech interview coaching

Like TryExponent, you can browse lots of ex-FAANG coaches across different roles to find the right coach for you. It’s extremely easy to immediately see coaches' availability, but the main difference is the much lower price. Plus, it includes a 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with your session.

Price: $119 - $149 p/h
Pros: Low prices, large choice of coaches, instant scheduling
Cons: One-size-fits-all pricing

Go to website


TechInterview coaching

TechInterviewCoaching is a relatively small company and judging from the reviews it seems that there is a good chance that Andrea, the founder, will be your coach. We’ve included as one of our recommendations because Andrea has a strong coaching profile and the pricing is hard to beat. But be prepared to sacrifice some of the immediacy and easy booking features you get on other platforms, as well as choice of coaches.

Price: $101- $134 p/h
Pros: Low price, great customer attention, good coaches
Cons: You can’t browse coaches before paying, first step is scheduling an intro call

9. Best Interview Coaching for Finance 

#Wall Street Prep

Wall street prep interview coaching

Wall Street Prep is a giant when it comes to finance and investment banking career advice and interview prep. It’s got an incredible range of free resources, excellent courses and a selection of boot camps.

For interview coaching, you can book a 1-to-1 session with an ex-banker from the likes of Goldman Sachs, etc. The downside is the price, especially given you can book a similar profile of finance coach on IGotAnOffer for just $149.

Price: $400 per hour
Pros: Industry leader, quality and range of coaches
Cons: Expensive

10. Best Interview Coaching by Women 

If coaching used to be a male-dominated industry, it’s not anymore. Most good coaching platforms have a large selection of female coaches you can choose from, even in the still male-dominated tech industry. But you may still want to  choose a company that has a particular focus on women, such as the two we’ve listed.

#The Muse

The muse interview coaching

The Muse was founded by three women and originally targeted female professionals before broadening out. As you’d expect they have plenty of great female coaches available on their site.

Price: $150 - 750 per hour
Pros: Easy to search and filter coaches, range of prices, good UX
Cons: More experienced coaches are quite pricey

11. Best Interview Coaching for Entry Level 


Expert interview coaching

Expert Interview Coaching is run by Barry Drexler, a very experienced coach who has worked with many Fortune 500 leaders. The Google reviews are very positive and he runs a program specifically aimed at preparing recent grads for tough interviews. The downside is that there aren’t many other coaches to choose from and you can expect a slow booking process.

Price: Starts at $349 for 1.5hr call
Pros: Good reviews, experienced main coach
Cons: UX isn’t great and you have to join a waitlist. 



As its name suggests, MentorCruise is more focused on mentoring and career coaching, but it does offer interview coaching. If you search enough, you can find some interview coaches with strong profiles at great prices, which could make it attractive to entry-level candidates on a budget.

The downside is that you have to pay a monthly mentoring fee rather than book individual calls, which isn’t ideal if you’re just looking for interview coaching sessions.

Read more about MentorCruise as well as some good alternative mentoring sites.

Price: $50-500 p/h
Pros: Some good value coaches available
Cons: UX is designed for long-term mentoring, not as easy as other websites.

12. Book Interview Coaching Sessions with IGotAnOffer

If you’re ready to book an interview coach, browse our coaching platform where you’ll find over 200 coaches with experience running interviews at many top companies. Search by industry, role, or company to get the right match for you. You can see the coaches' hourly availability and book your online session in a couple of clicks. Good luck with your interviews!


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