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Ex-interviewers from McKinsey, BCG and Bain


Krishna is a former consultant from McKinsey. He also holds an MBA from HEC, one of Europe's leading business schools.


Royce is a former senior associate from BCG. He's conducted interviews both in the US and Singapore during his time as a consultant.


Shikhar is a consultant at Bain in the US. He's an experienced interviewer with a knack for helping candidates project their personality.

How it works

Answer a few questions and upload your resume
We use technology to match you with the best coach for your situation
Work with your coach and get your dream offer!

Get an offer, or 50% of your money back

We know that booking mock case interviews is an investment and we only want you to incur the full cost if it helps you get a job at the consulting firm you are targeting. We operate a 50% money-back guarantee on your FIRST coaching session if you train with us but don't get an offer.

In order to be eligible for that guarantee you also need to have taken one of the following training programmes:

In other words, you have not studied any of our case interview programmes, you are not eligible for that guarantee on your first session. If you have studied one of our case interview programmes, additional sessions beyond your first one are not covered by the guarantee as this is too much of a financial risk for us.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price for the sessions?

Here are the rates we charge for case interview coaching:

  • 1 to 3 sessions: $147/h
  • 4 to 7 sessions: $133/h (10% discount)
  • 8 to 10 sessions: $117/h (20% discount)
Who will be my coach?

When you sign up for the service, we will ask you to answer a few questions and upload your resume. This will enable our team to match you with the right coach for YOUR situation.

For instance, if you are applying for McKinsey in the UK, we will do our very best to match you with an ex-interviewer from that firm and that country. Or if you specifically want to work on one part of the interview (e.g. frameworks), we will match you with a coach who's an expert in that area.

How are sessions scheduled?

When you sign up for the service, we will ask you to provide a few time slots at which you are available for your first coaching session. Our team will then match you with the best coach available at the different times you suggested and introduce you to your coach via email ahead of your session.

We have always managed to find convenient slots for customers so far. Customers typically book their coaching sessions with us 3 days or more in advance. If you would like to book a coaching session in less than 3 days we would recommend contacting our team first to make sure we have availability. You can send an email at or get in touch on Facebook.

What is included in the coaching session?

Your coaching session is tailored to you. Your coach will work with you in advance of the session to decide what you will cover during the hour. Most of the candidates who work with us use this time to do a full mock interview.

If you are preparing for McKinsey, this will be a Personal Experience Interview question followed by an interviewer-led case. If you are preparing for BCG, Bain or other firms, this will be a series of regular fit interview questions followed by a candidate-led case.

Some candidates also decide to use some of their sessions to progress on specfic parts of the case (e.g. framework, quantitative questions, etc.) If you are not sure where to start we encourage you to book a first session with a coach who will then advise you on what you should focus on.

Can I get a refund for unused sessions?

Yes, unused coaching sessions can be refunded, but the refund will correct for the discount you initially got.

As an example, if you buy 10 sessions, you will pay 10 x $117 = $1,170. If you end up only using 5 sessions, we will refund you the difference between what you have paid ($1,170), and what you would have paid had you purchased 5 sessions (5 x $133 = $665). So in this specific example we would refund: $1,170 - $665 = $505.

What's your cancellation, "no show" and rescheduling policy?

Coaching sessions can be cancelled for free by giving us more than 24h notice. In other words, if you decide you don't need the session anymore and tell us more than 24h in advance it will be eligible for a refund as an "unused" session.

Coaching sessions can be rescheduled for free by giving us more than 12h notice. In other words, if you ask us to change the time of your session more than 12h before its scheduled start time we will accomodate your request for free. If we are notified less than 12h in advance we will do our very best to help but might not be able to in which case your session would count as used.

If you fail to attend a coaching session ("no show") without notifying us in the appropriate timeframe you will lose that session. In other words, it will count as having been used.

* How is your 80% success rate calculated?

Here is how we calculate our success rate. Candidates who train with us using the McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme and the BCG & Bain Case Interview Training Programme get part of their money back if they do not get a job offer. We assume that candidates who do not claim back this amount got a job in consulting. The figure quoted is simply calculated based on all candidates who trained with us since we launched these programmes at the beginning of 2016 and is updated regularly.

Any additional questions?

Get in touch with the team on or facebook.

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