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Brad F.
Management consultant
Company iconBain
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2014-20: Bain & Company, Consultant, Sydney, Australia Brad spent 6 years at Bain in Australia as a consultant. He led the practice's recruitment processes for Associate Consultants (e.g. new graduates), as well as the MBA school recruitment lead for INSEAD. He knows exactly how the application process is prepared (heck, he even wrote some of the case interviews himself), the tricks the interviewer and/or case will play on you, and how they want you to respond. He's been in some form of coaching and training for most of his career. He was also part of the Global Training Team and led global training sessions for Associate Consultants, Senior Associate Consultants, and Consultants whilst at Bain, as well as being the lead trainer for the same groups for domestic training.
Offers: Career coaching, Interview coaching, Resume review, Take-home assignment review
Companies expertise
Worked at: Bain
Also helped candidates for: American Express, BCG