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Tiezheng B.
Product manager, Data scientist, Machine learning engineer, Staff software engineer
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2021-Present: Vicarious Voyager Media, Content Creator, Dubai 2018-23: Google, Senior Machiner Learning Engineer, Los Angeles 2020-22:, Co-founder, Paris 2018-18: Autodesk, Technology Development Intern (Protein Folding), San Francisco 2016-16: The Hospital for Sick Children, Interim Wet Lab Supervisor, Toronto

*Interview Coaching* Tiezheng has interviewed over 50 candidates for Google Ai, Deepmind and Bard during his tenure at the company. He has experience interviewing and coaching software engineers, data scientists, PMs and ML researchers. He has also successfully helped countless former Googlers and friends find L3-L6 jobs at FAANG companies. Tiezheng believes that while many applicants have what it takes technically to successfully be offered jobs at these companies, many people struggle with effective communication in a big tech environment, being a team player and working on the likeability aspect of the career path. He believes in helping each applicant craft their own unique story as to why they'll be a perfect fit at the company. He believes that everyone has a story worth telling, it's how you tell it that makes you stand out. *Resume Review* As a former L5 team lead at Google, Tiezheng has screened 100s of resumes. Possessing intimate knowledge on how resumes stand out, he can help optimize yours so that the most attractive aspects of your experiences are presented clearly and capture the reviewer's attention. A good resume is succinct and demonstrates through quantitative KPIs the qualities of the applicant. He will work with you to organize and highlight worthwhile job and education experiences to target the position you're striving for. *Career Coaching* Tiezheng has extensive knowledge in helping people towards and onwards on their aspiration career path. He believes that to get to the point where your career is your passion and no longer seems like work, there is a large amount of effort and discipline needed to get to that stage. He has helped countless friends start their career at Google, Facebook, Amazon and JP Morgan, as well as helping many friends who were laid off transition successfully and even progress at new firms. After 5 years at Google and a successfully exited fashion-tech company. Tiezheng is currently running his own AI SAAS company in New York. He has intimate and up-to-date knowledge with industry trends and hiring practices by keeping in touch with many former colleagues turned life-long friends. He will leverage his knowledge to help you answer questions in these areas: 1.Deciding when to leave your current firm or position 2.How to ask for a promotion or a raise 3.What companies are looking for and timing the market 4.How to understand and navigate political landscapes, supervisors and managers 5.How to advocate for yourself and your work subtly and appropriately 6.How to improve your leadership and decision making skills
Offers: Career coaching, Interview coaching, Leadership coaching, Mentoring, Resume review