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Jonathon Yarde

SEO content writer
Jon started his career at Bank of America before moving to Accenture where he worked as a consultant for 4 years and worked for multiple Fortune 500 clients. He began working for IGotAnOffer as a coach for consulting applicants in 2018 and later transitioned to being the company’s first marketing hire. He has written dozens of articles about interviews and careers in consulting, finance, and tech.

Latest articles by Jonathon Yarde:

Stripe PM interview
Product managementMay 02, 2024
Stripe Product Manager Interview (questions, process, prep)
Complete guide to Stripe product manager (PM) interviews. Learn the interview process, practice with example questions, and learn the prep tips you'll need.
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Accenture case interview
ConsultingApr 04, 2023
Accenture case interview (questions, process, prep)
The ultimate guide to Accenture case interviews. Learn about the interview process, what questions to expect, how to answer them and how to prepare. Essential reading for anyone applying to a consulting position at Accenture.
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How to answer the Why Facebook interview question
Software engineeringFeb 16, 2023
How to answer the "Why Meta?" interview question
"Why Meta?" or "Why Facebook?" is a question you are almost certain to come across in your interviews. In this article, we give you four concrete steps to craft your perfect answer to the question, including a sample answer.
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Facebook PMM interview
Product marketingFeb 16, 2023
Meta PMM interview (questions, prep, and process)
Complete guide to Meta (formerly Facebook) Product Marketing Manager (PMM) interviews. It covers Meta's interview process, practice questions, and preparation tips.
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Amazon program manager interview
Program management (TPM and PM)Feb 15, 2023
Amazon program manager interview (questions and prep)
Complete guide to Amazon program manager interviews (also applies to AWS). Learn the interview process, practice with example questions, and master the prep tips you'll need.
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Software engineeringFeb 14, 2023
Microsoft engineering manager interview: the only post you'll need to read
Complete guide to Microsoft engineering manager interviews. Learn the interview process, practice with example questions, and learn key preparation tips.
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facebook behavioral interview
Product managementFeb 10, 2023
Meta behavioral interview (questions, method, and prep)
Detailed guide on how to answer behavioral interview questions at top companies like Meta (formerly Facebook). Includes an example and a list of practice questions.
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Google APM Interview
Product managementFeb 10, 2023
Google APM interview (questions, process, prep)
Google's APM interviews are not easy, but by preparing strategically, you can optimize your chances of getting a job offer! In this guide, we'll cover Google's APM interview process, the format of the APM interviews, example questions, and how to prepare.
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