All firms - Free Case Interview Prep

Learn what questions to expect at companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and how to answer them. Plus practice with six example cases.

What you’ll learn

Stop sifting through infinite case interview resources online. Use this free course as your starting point.

1 Learn what questions to expect
McKinsey uses different types of cases to BCG, Bain and other firms. After going through this course you will be familiar with the case format used by each firm and won’t have any bad surprises on the day of your interview.
2 Understand how to answer questions
This course also covers what sub-questions to expect within case interviews (e.g. framework, math, etc.) at different firms and starts introducing how to answer each of them.
3 Practice with case PDFs and videos
Finally, you’ll have access to 2 video cases and 4 case interviews which you can use to start practicing. All the cases in this course are real cases from past interviews. They have been structured so that you can either do them by yourself or with a partner.

What content you’ll get access to

Access all the content you need in one place. Start with a preparation plan tailored to your situation. Learn how to crack cases and practice with real examples.

The course has been used by 4,352 people since launching. Here are some of the success stories.

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