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Most successful applicants do 30+ mock interviews to get an offer at Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Our tech interview platform lets you browse profiles of relevant peers and schedule time to practice with them.
Here are the roles and companies candidates in this community prepare for:
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Our platform makes it easy to find relevant peers to practice with:

Step 1 - Browse profiles of peers and pick a relevant partner

Find partners who are interviewing for the same role and company (e.g. PM at Google) and have a similar level of experience (e.g. mid-career).
Browse profiles

Step 2 - Schedule a 1-hour session to practice together

Once you find a relevant partner you’ll be able to schedule time directly in their calendar. Sessions last 1 hour, and you can schedule as many as you like. Did we mention it’s free? Most successful applicants do 30+ mock interviews to get an offer at Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.
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Step 3 - Interview each other over video
(2 x 30 minutes)

At the time of the session you’ll connect with your partner over video. You’ll play the role of the interviewer for 30 minutes, and you’ll be the candidate for the other 30 minutes. Struggling with system design or behavioral questions? You could learn an approach from your partner that gives you a break-through.
Interview with peers

A few of the benefits of peer mock interviews

Boost your confidence ahead of the interviews
Gain experience answering tech interview questions in live conditions
Improve your communication skills
Learn new tactics by watching your peers answer questions
Grow your network by connecting with tech professionals
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Frequently asked questions

I’ve never done a mock interview before, can I still sign up?

Yes! You’ll be able to find other peers who are new to mock interviews and you can get started together. Once you feel comfortable you can start practicing with more experienced peers.

How long are the mock interviews?

The interviews are 60 minutes long. You’ll be the interviewer for 30 minutes, and then swap to be the candidate for the next 30 minutes.

How many interviews can I do?

As many as you want! We just ask that you be respectful to your peers, show up on time, and avoid late cancellations.

As a candidate, what type of questions will I be asked?

At the beginning of the session with your peer, you’ll agree what type of question they should ask you (e.g. design, strategy, estimation, etc). We recommend going through our different interview guides depending on what role you're applying for: PM, TPM, etc.

As an interviewer, what type of questions should I ask?

At the beginning of the mock interview, you should ask your partner what type of questions they want to practice. Then, choose a relevant question. For instance, if they want to practice system design questions, you could ask them: “Design an alarm clock for the blind”. You’ll have access to a questions database that you can pick questions from.