Shruti got an offer as a Senior product manager at Roku

Headshot of Shruti
Name Shruti J
New Position Senior product manager at Roku
Location San Jose, CA (USA)
Date of Offer April 2022
Coaching Sessions 3

What most excites you about your new job?

Working with content partners in streaming tech.

Where were you previously?


What was your preparation strategy?

I prepared for about 2-3 hours a day for months leading up to the interview. I studied the book "Cracking the PM interview," learned about structured product frameworks, developed and leveraged my network, and did three mock interview sessions. To learn more about my path from software engineer to product manager, take a look at my article:

What was the hardest part of the whole interview process?

Knowing what to focus on.

Did any of the interview questions stand out?

It was a behavioral question: "Who's the most annoying person you've worked with?" I think this was a trick question.

Do you have any final tips for other candidates?

Plan out the interview process and take 3-4 months to prepare instead of rushing into the next role.

What coaches would you recommend working with?

Photo of JJ M., an interview coach
Product manager
Interview coaching company iconApple, VSCO, Zendesk
Interview coaching location iconToronto timezone
Positive Interview coaching reviews icon
JJ M. can’t be booked for the next 4 weeks. We recommend looking for another coach.

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