Momina got an offer as a Summer Business Analyst at McKinsey

Headshot of Momina
Name Momina N
New Position Summer Business Analyst at McKinsey
Location Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Date of Offer January 2023

What most excites you about your new job?

What excites me most about my internship at McKinsey is the ability to focus on a range of industries.

Where were you previously?

I'm currently a student at Dartmouth College.

What was your preparation strategy?

I worked on casing for roughly 3 months. Of which, I used IGotAnOffer for 6 weeks. I learned to make frameworks using Taylor Warfield books, practiced math on IGotAnOffer, did 3 live cases on IGotAnOffer, and did zoom casing with peers on a regularly scheduled basis (typically once or twice a week).

What was the hardest part of the whole interview process?

Figuring out how to use which numbers for what calculation.

Do you have any final tips for other candidates?

Be confident, ask for guidance if stuck on a problem, and never stop walking interviewers through your thought process. Also pay great attention to units (monthly vs annual vs weekly, or giga vs mega etc).

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