Pawanjeet got an offer as a Data science senior analyst at McKinsey

Headshot of Pawanjeet
Name Pawanjeet S
New Position Data science senior analyst at McKinsey
Location New York City, NY (USA)
Date of Offer October 2022
Coaching Sessions 2

What most excites you about your new job?

I'm excited to be in an analytics-driven client-facing role at McKinsey and to work with other strategy consultants.

Where were you previously?

I was a student at Carnegie Mellon.

What was your preparation strategy?

I prepared for 7-8 hours a day over 3 weeks. Step 1: I spent around 4 days going through generic resources like Case-in-Point, Case Interview Secrets, and the McKinsey Interviewing Guide. Step 2: I read ideal case interview transcripts and watched YouTube videos. Step 3: I scheduled mock case sessions with people from all backgrounds on IGotAnOffer. Step 4: I incorporated feedback after every session and actively redid cases I wasn't satisfied with.

What was the hardest part of the whole interview process?

Performing in a high-pressure situation, and narrowing down my focus in the last few days.

Do you have any final tips for other candidates?

Schedule as many mock cases as possible. Taking case interviews can be just as useful as giving them!

What coaches would you recommend working with?

Photo of Mike P., an interview coach
Mike P.
Management consultant
Interview coaching company iconMcKinsey
Interview coaching location iconToronto timezone
Positive Interview coaching reviews icon
Mike P. can’t be booked for the next 4 weeks. We recommend looking for another coach.

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