Trishna got an offer as a Product manager at Meta

Headshot of Trishna
Name Trishna S
New Position Product manager L5 at Meta
Location New York City, NY (USA)
Date of Offer July 2022
Coaching Sessions 2

What most excites you about your new job?

Having the ability to impact billions of people positively.

Where were you previously?


What was your preparation strategy?

I did A LOT of preparation: about 30 hours a week for 2 months. Here were my steps: 1) Learned the different interview formats and looked up sample questions for each 2) Watched videos and examples of each format - finding content on YouTube was really helpful for me 3) Started trying to answer questions myself by writing down notes 4) Did mock interviews: 2 a day for the weeks leading up to the interview 5) Practiced recording myself

What was the hardest part of the whole interview process?

The hardest part is making sure you're preparing for all types of questions. Really do your homework and make sure you're covering all the weird edge cases!

Did any of the interview questions stand out?

Trade off and execution questions are really tough, and there isn't much online content about it!

Do you have any final tips for other candidates?

Don't get discouraged!! You got this :)

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