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Katherine R.
Product designer
Company iconApple, Meta
Location mark iconNorth America
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2017-19: Facebook, Product Designer, Menlo Park 2016-17: Gusto, Product Designer, San Francisco 2010-13: Apple, User Experience Designer, Cupertino Katherine is a former Product Design lead at Facebook. She's conducted more than 40+ interviews for Facebook and over 30+ for other companies. She's allotted time to coaching 10+ designers in her network. She studied HCI at Cornell and has both education and 12 years of industry experience in product design. She was also an early member of the Apple design team and worked at a variety of San Francisco-based start-ups. Today, Katherine is the Head of Design for a financial service company.
Offers: Interview coaching
Companies expertise
Worked at: Apple, Meta
Also helped candidates for: Airbnb, Amazon, Coinbase, Google, Lyft, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, Robinhood, Spotify, Tesla, Twitter, Uber