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Kartik L.
Data scientist, Machine learning engineer
Company iconApple
Location mark iconNorth America
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Checkmark icon32 Sessions done
2021-Present: Apple, Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist, California Kartik is adept at translating abstract business requirements to a numerical problem, and using skills in data science, machine learning and statistics to generate actionable insights and process improvements. He has carried out over 20 interviews in his career of 5+ years for candidates applying for roles like machine learning engineer, data scientist and business/data analyst. He has coached more than 50 people getting that dream job through exhaustive resume improvements, mock interviews and mindset building. Outside of work he enjoys hiking and travelling. Kartik is also a teacher of yoga and meditation.
Offers: Interview coaching, Leadership coaching, Mentoring, Resume review, Take-home assignment review
Companies expertise
Worked at: Apple
Also helped candidates for: Airbnb, Amazon, BCG, Coinbase, Google, LinkedIn, Lyft, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, Nvidia, PayPal, Pinterest, Robinhood, Roblox, Snap, Spotify, Tesla, TikTok
Expert in: Python, Spark, SQL