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Chouaieb N.
Data engineer, Data scientist, Machine learning engineer, Solutions architect
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2022-Present: Amazon Web Services, Generative AI Solutions Architect, France 2021-22:, Head Of Training - Cloud Data Engineer, France

Pass your interviews Over the past two years at Amazon and over many years at other companies like Devoteam, Capgemini, Datascientest, and various startups where I serve as an advisor, I have conducted numerous interviews for roles such as software engineers, data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and cloud/DevOps engineers. Additionally, I have had to go through rigorous interview processes myself to work at Amazon and soon at Google. My experience includes preparing candidates for behavioral, coding, system design, product sense, and estimation questions. Passionate about helping others succeed, my guidance has led many candidates to secure positions at top tech companies, leveraging my deep understanding of interview processes to provide valuable insights and strategies. Get more interviews My approach to resume building is rooted in a deep understanding of what top tech companies look for, ensuring that candidates highlight their skills, experiences, and achievements effectively. Through personalized guidance, I focus on showcasing each individual's unique strengths, aligning their resume content with industry standards, and tailoring it to specific job roles to maximize their chances of success.
Offers: Career coaching, Interview coaching, Leadership coaching, Mentoring, Resume review