Carlos got an offer as an Engineering manager at Meta

Headshot of Carlos
Name Carlos L
New Position Engineering manager M1 at Meta
Location Seattle, WA, USA
Date of Offer December 2023
Coaching Sessions 1

What most excites you about your new job?

The scale of the company and dealing with a new set of problems.

Where were you previously?


What was your preparation strategy?

I spent 6-8 hours a day over 3-4 weeks. Coding prep: I did LeetCode easy until I had like 20-25 done, then I did mediums. I mostly focused on the list for Meta even though I was interviewing at other places as well. For System Design, I paid for a month of, read a couple of System Design interview books and watched a bunch of mock interview videos on YouTube (by IGotAnOffer and others). Once I was sort of ready I scheduled interviews, including my mock interview on this site. The first interviews were with companies where I was mildly interested but not really my end goal.

What was the hardest part of the whole interview process?

Watching and reading about so many different problems and understanding enough about core concepts but still dealing with things that I had never really experienced before. For example, I've never worked with WebSockets and chat apps, so answering questions on that was hard.

Did any of the interview questions stand out?

In my system design interview I was asked: "Design a contact tracing system and data store for COVID based on proximity signals from employee badges".

Do you have any final tips for other candidates?

Practice, practice, practice! Interviewers don't need you to recite stuff from memory, instead make sure you know the building blocks and how to use them in different scenarios. Also, Math wasn't a big focus of any of my answers or what interviewers were particularly interested in.

What coaches would you recommend working with?

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