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Rui W.
Engineering manager, Software engineer
Company iconLinkedIn
Interview coaching company icon58 clients  - 17% did multiple sessions
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2008 - Present: LinkedIn, Engineering Lead

Rui has 25 years of experience in the software industry, working at companies ranging from startups to the Magnificent 7, including a 15-year journey at LinkedIn, from joining pre-IPO with approximately 300 employees to becoming part of Microsoft. Four years ago, Rui fully committed to a managerial role, managing around 20 engineers over time, and helping seven of them move to the next level in their careers. Having been on both sides (individual contributor vs manager), she experienced different perspectives and challenges firsthand, and loves to help fellow engineers and managers understand how to navigate opportunities and changes in their careers. She's conducted hundreds of interviews, with 80-90% focused coding and system designs, and 10-20% hiring manager interviews. Her interviewing experiencing focused mostly on software engineers and managers. Rui understands the power of support and would love to make a meaningful positive impact on your career journey."
Offers: Career coaching, Interview coaching, Leadership coaching, Mentoring, Resume review