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Benben L.
Manager of PMs, Product manager
Company iconMeitu, Shopify
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2023-Present: Pixocial, Head of Product 2022-23: Shopify, Sr. Product Manager 2020-22: Weee!, Sr. Product Manager 2016-20: Meitu, Product Lead

Benben is a seasoned product leader with over 8 years of experience. She has been the hiring manager for multiple PM positions throughout her career and interviewed 200+ candidates. She was also a mentor at the APM program during her time at Shopify. Currently, Benben is the head of product at Pixocial, where she leads the SaaS product line. Before joining Pixocial, she was at Shopify, spearheading the development and launch of Shop Cash, a pioneering loyalty program that rapidly scaled to over 20 million users in the US. Before that, she worked at Weee, where she led the launch and growth of two new business lines: Restaurant Delivery and Alcohol Delivery.
Offers: Interview coaching