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Alex I.
Account executive, SDR
Company iconSoftbank
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2023-Present: Ibotta, Account Executive, San Diego 2020-Present: Pathrise, Salary Negotiation Consultant, San Diego 2017-20: SoftBank Robotics, Account Executive, San Francisco Bay Area

Negotiate your job offer Alex has 5+ years of experience in the career coaching space where he's helped hundreds of professionals land high-paying jobs and negotiate fair compensation without looking greedy. He specialize in salary negotiation coaching where he can help you with the following: 1. Research market rates for your target role(s). 2. Prepare to answer the "what are your salary expectations?" question from recruiters. 3. Come up with a strategy and script for your counter offer. 4. Handle objections collaboratively to ensure you maximize your job offers without looking greedy or getting an offer rescinded.
Offers: Salary negotiation