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Michele P.
Manager of PMs, Product manager
Company iconMeta
Interview coaching company icon31 clients  - 45% did multiple sessions
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2017-23: Meta, Lead Product Manager, London (UK) 2017-2015: MOO, Head of Product, London (UK) 2011-2015: Senior product and advisory roles at various startups. Built 2 businesses (a B2B SaaS and a chatbot product studio)

Michele is a former Product Lead at Meta and a product leader at various startups. During his 6 years at Meta, he's interviewed over 150 PMs and helped 10+ people transitioning into a PM career. He was a calibrated interviewer at Meta, actively interviewing for Product Sense, Product Execution, and Leadership and Drive. He has also coached and managed 20+ people, helping them get onboarded quickly into new teams, becoming successful PMs, and getting promoted. Michele is now a Product Advisor for various organizations. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a MSc in Electrical Engineering
Offers: Career coaching, Interview coaching, Leadership coaching, Mentoring