Coaching fees

Last updated: 12th Oct 2023

This page outlines the coaching fees payable by the Client (IGotAnOffer Ltd) to the Coach. Coaches will be given one week notice of any change related to theses fees.

If the Coach can support across multiple roles (e.g. Technical Program Management and Engineering Management) then they'll receive the highest hourly rate they're eligible for for all the coaching sessions they do (e.g. in this case $83 per hour for all coaching sessions independantly of the user coached).

Coaching fees:

  • Recruiting
    • $63/h flat rate
  • Product Management, Technical Program Management, Program Management, Product Design, Product Marketing, Account manager
    • $68/h flat rate
  • Consulting, Investment Banking
    • $75/h flat rate
  • Software engineering, Data engineering
    • $78/h flat rate
  • Engineering management, Machine Learning Engineering
    • $83/h flat rate
  • Data Science
    • $93/h flat rate