McKinsey PST Training Programme

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Course Overview

Key features
  • 2-hour training videos
  • 3 PST tests with 26 questions each
  • Immediate course access
  • Study time required: 8h to 16h+
  • 50% money back if you don't succeed

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Course Description

The McKinsey PST Training Programme has been specifically designed to make you succeed at the McKinsey Problem Solving Test.


Learn a proven step-by-step method to crack the test

The McKinsey PST Training Programme provides you with basic and advanced maths techniques that will help you increase your mental calculation speed. This is really important as more than 50% of McKinsey PST questions involve maths. 

In addition, you will learn a proven method to consistently answer McKinsey PST questions. You will therefore develop a habit and learn shortcuts that will make you save precious time to answer as many questions as possible.

Practice with high-quality additional PST tests

At IGotAnOffer, we spend 100 hours designing each McKinsey PST sample test to ensure you train with the best material possible. The McKinsey PST Training Programme includes 3 multiple choice sample tests. Each are made of 3 business cases and 26 questions, both maths and logic. You are provided with information in the form of texts, tables and exhibits to answer the questions, like in the real test. In addition, sample tests are calibrated to reproduce the level of difficulty of the actual test by continuously gathering feedback from candidates who take the PST. 

To make the most of these practice tests, we strongly encourage you to take them under real conditions. You should neither use a calculator nor scrap paper and perform each test of 26 questions under 60 minutes.

Each McKinsey PST sample test also includes detailed answers and shortcuts that explain you how to approach questions and save time. Studying these detailed answers will help you make the most of your preparation and improve your score.

Money-back if you do not succeed

We know training for the McKinsey PST can be an important investment and we only want you to incur the full cost of the programme if it brings you closer to your career at McKinsey. We operate a 50% money-back guarantee if you do not succeed at the PST. All you need to do is to upload the email you received from McKinsey in this short refund application form.

To be eligible for that guarantee you need to actually sit the McKinsey PST Test. This guarantee does not cover cases where you are not invited to take the test, or decide to cancel your application with McKinsey.



* How do you estimate your 80% success rate?

Here is how we calculate our success rate. Candidates who train with us get 50% money back if they do not succeed at the test. We assume that candidates who do not claim back this amount have succeeded at the test. The figure quoted is simply calculated based on all candidates who trained with us since we launched in 2014 and is updated regularly.

What's exactly contained in the McKinsey PST Training programme?

  • 3 McKinsey PST sample tests written by IGotAnOffer
    • 26 questions per test (78 questions in total)
    • Detailed answers and tips on how to answer questions quickly and accurately
  • IGotAnOffer method video (51mins)
    • Learn a step-by-step method to answer PST questions
    • Watch a best-in-class candidate answer sample questions
  • Frequent PST questions video (34mins)
    • Learn which PST questions are frequently asked and how to answer them
  • Basics maths (22mins).
    • Review how to do additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions without a calculator
  • Advanced maths (22mins)
    • Learn tips on being faster with percentage rates, growth rates, large numbers, factorising and expanding

Are the 3 tests in the programme different to those provided by McKinsey?

Yes the tests are different. They have been created by our team and calibrated to the right level of difficulty using candidate feedback.

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