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  • 10 questions - BCG Potential Test format
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Preparation tips

You can read our full list of BCG Potential Test preparation tips here. Also make sure to check out our BCG Potential Test Training Programme - 85% of people who use it succeed at the BCG Potential Test.

Practice in real conditions

The Free BCG Potential Test is a multiple choice test made of 10 questions, both maths and logic. The structure of the test and the type of questions are based on exclusive feedback from BCG candidates.

To make the most of this practice test, we strongly encourage you to take it under real conditions. You should not use a calculator and perform this test of 10 questions under 20 minutes.

Maximise your score

The Free BCG Potential Test includes detailed answers that explain you how to approach each question in a structured way and minimise the number of calculations. Studying the detailed answers will help you increase your speed and improve your score.

Feel you need to practice more? Have a look at the BCG Potential Test Training Programme designed to make you acquire the essential skills and knowledge you need to succeed at the BCG Potential Test.

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