IGotAnOffer is a platform dedicated to preparing for consulting case interviews.

Our beginnings

IGotAnOffer was started in 2013 by founders frustrated by the lack of high quality material and information available to prepare for the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST). During our training, we experimented with different approaches to answer McKinsey PST questions and developed a systematic answering method that produced a step change in our score. After successfully passing the test, we set out to share the now called "IGotAnOffer Method" with future generations of candidates.

After launching the McKinsey PST Training Programme, we rapidly received a flow of emails from happy customers thanking us for helping them to significantly improve their performance. A few months later, we ran some calculations and realised that more than 80% of candidates who prepared with us were successful at the test. That’s when we knew we were truly making a difference!

So far

After our first year of operations, a lot of candidates preparing for the PST started asking us for help with the BCG Potential Test and their case interviews. This is what motivated us to launch the BCG Potential Test Training Programme and McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

We are now in our third year of operations and the success we have had to date exceeds by far our initial expectations. As of November 2016, our free products have been downloaded by more than 10,000 people. We estimate we have helped 750+ candidates succeed at the McKinsey PST, 200+ candidates pass the BCG Potential Test and 80+ candidates get an offer at McKinsey thanks to our case interview programme. As a reminder, about 2,000 people get into McKinsey every year, so about 5% of McKinsey new hires in 2016 prepared with us.

Map of the world with 10000 customers we have helped

Our approach

We believe that anyone can succeed at recruitment tests and at case interviews with the right preparation. Sure, it’s harder for some people than others. But over the past three years, we have consistently seen that the people spending serious time on their preparation had much higher odds at succeeding than others.

At IGotAnOffer, we strive to put together the perfect training materials to help you get into the top consulting firms. We believe that each step of the recruiting process can be mastered by following a step by step answering method. Candidates who develop a consistent method are much more likely to succeed. This is because when they get to their interview or test, they have built a habit of using that consistent method and everything comes to them more naturally.  

It is a bit like learning to drive a car. At first, you don’t really know what to do. There are many things to learn at the same time. But your instructor gives you a method to master driving. And over time, driving becomes a habit you don’t think about anymore. This is what we aim to achieve with each of our training programmes: to help you master each step of the recruiting process.

What’s next?

We are in the process of increasing the number of case interview samples available on the McKinsey Case Interview Programme and also adding a Personal Experience Interview module to the programme. Everything we do is to help you get an offer in consulting. If there is a particular problem you have in your preparation, send us an email at contactus@igotanoffer.com and we will consider working on it as our next product!

The team

We are an international team of five based in London. We all have day jobs and work part-time on this project but are always available for our customers. Whether it is for a question regarding your training or to tell us about your recent success, you can contact us at contactus@igotanoffer.com or fill in the form below: