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Jiangfeng L.
Manager of PMs, Product manager, Founder / Entrepreneur
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2012-Present: Microsoft, Senior PM Manager, Azure and Platform, Richmond, Washington

Interview coaching: Jay has interviewed over 100 candidates at Microsoft and his own company (INC5000). With experience in interviewing product managers and software engineers, Jay can assist you in preparing for behavioral, product sense, and analytics interviews. He is passionate about helping people succeed and has successfully helped over 30 individuals land roles at startups and MAMAA companies. Resume review: As a hiring manager and founder, Jay has screened over 500 resumes at Microsoft and his own company (INC5000). With a sharp eye for distinguishing standout resumes from those that fall short, Jay can help you translate your strengths and quantifiable achievements into a resume that attracts interviews at top companies. Career coach: As a founder and PM manager at Microsoft, Jay has extensive experience helping people navigate their careers. He can assist you with a range of questions, including when and how to successfully switch roles, how to build a strong relationship with your manager and stand out, and when it might be time to leave your current position. Jay's guidance will provide clarity and confidence as you consider your next career steps.
Offers: Career coaching, Interview coaching, Mentoring, Resume review