McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme



More than 90% of candidates who use this programme get a job at McKinsey *

The McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme has been designed to help you crack the case and get a job at McKinsey. 

Key features

  • 1h training video to crack the case
  • 6 live case videos
  • 5 full case interview PDFs
  • 15 individual questions PDFs (Maths, framework and creativity)
  • Detailed answers
  • On-demand support from experienced interviewers
  • In your inbox right away

Learn how to consistently crack the case

McKinsey case interviews are different to those from other consulting firms. They follow a pre-defined structure and the interviewers tend to be more challenging than at other companies. 

The programme will provide you with basic and advanced maths techniques that will help you increase your mental calculation speed. This is really important as most of McKinsey case interviews involve maths.

It will also teach you how McKinsey case interviews are structured and provide you with a simple method to consistently crack the different questions your interviewer will ask you.

Train with real McKinsey material

All the cases used in the training programme come from past McKinsey case interviews to ensure you train with the most realistic material possible. This will enable you to get familiar with the case format used by McKinsey and to avoid any surprises on the day of your interview. 

The programme includes six live case videos where you can watch a best-in-class candidate being interviewed. In addition, you will also get five full case interviews and 15 individual practice questions to either complete by yourself or with a partner. All our materials come with detailed answers and special tips based on the IGotAnOffer method.

On-demand support from experienced interviewers

Stuck on a specific McKinsey case interview? Need help to answer quantitative questions faster? Our dedicated support team of experienced interviewers is at your disposal to help you fine-tune your preparation. You can contact us at for any questions on McKinsey case interviews.

Money back guarantee if you do not succeed 

We know training for McKinsey case interviews is an important investment and we only want you to incur the full cost of the programme if it helps you get a job at the firm. We operate a $95 money-back guarantee if you do not get a job offer. All you need to do is forward us the email you received from McKinsey.

Start now!

Need to start practicing now? Purchase the McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme and you will be able to download your materials and practice right away.

Summary of materials included: 1h IGotAnOffer method training video, 6 live case interview videos, 5 full McKinsey case interviews PDFs, 15 McKinsey individual questions PDFs, basic maths video, advanced maths video and calculation workbook. All materials are automatically accessible for the 3 months following your purchase. Beyond that initial period, you can contact us to extend your access for free

* Here is how we calculate our success rate. Candidates who train with us get $95 money back if they do not succeed at the case interviews. We assume that candidates who do not claim back this amount have succeeded at the case interviews. The figure quoted is simply calculated based on all candidates who trained with us since we launched this programme at the beginning of 2016 and is updated regularly.

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