1h McKinsey Case Interview Coaching



Get expert feedback on your case interview performance and make sure you get an offer at McKinsey.

Key features

  • 1h one-on-one Skype session
  • McKinsey case interview format
  • 45 minutes interview followed by detailed feedback
  • Expert coaches handpicked by IGotAnOffer
  • Dedicated support after the session
  • Tips on how to stand out from the crowd

Make sure you would succeed at a real McKinsey interview

Training by yourself and with partners is a great way to start practicing for McKinsey case interviews. Once you have spent some time preparing, the best way to make sure you are ready for your interviews is to do a mock case with an experienced interviewer.

We all do mistakes the first time we try something new. Your 1h case interview coaching session will enable you to do these mistakes in a safe environment, and to be ready for your first real interview with McKinsey.

Get actionable feedback to stand out from the crowd

All IGotAnOffer coaches have been handpicked. Each of them has worked at a top consulting firm and has spent more than 100 hours interviewing candidates. They all know the difference between good and great candidates and are here to share that insight with you. You are in good hands.

Your coach will give you actionable feedback to fine-tune your preparation and to stand out from the crowd during your real interviews. Your coach is available to answer any questions you might have on the interview process and on how to prepare both during the session but also after via email.

Coaching tailored to you

Your 1h coaching session is tailored to you. Your coach will work with you in advance of the session to decide what you will cover during the hour.

Most of the candidates who work with us use this time to do a full mock McKinsey interview with both Personal Experience questions and a case. But some candidates also use this time to work on a specific part of cases (E.g.: quantitative questions, framework, etc) and on other styles of case interviews (E.g.: BCG, Bain, etc).

Finally, some candidates also work with their coach over several weeks. That is a great way to maximise your chances of getting an offer, and we can design a training programme that fits your needs.

Money back guarantee if you do not succeed

We know that booking mock case interviews is an investment and we only want you to incur the full cost if it helps you get a job at the consulting firm you are targeting. We operate a 50% money-back guarantee if you have booked 2h+ with us and do not get a job offer. All you need to do is forward us the email your received from McKinsey.

Book now!

To book a session, send us an e-mail at contactus@igotanoffer.com. Our dedicated team will match you with an IGotAnOffer coach and find a time that suits you for the mock interview. Once we have matched you with a coach, you will need to purchase the product on this page to finalise your booking.

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