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Our team of ex-interviewers teach you what questions to expect, how to answer them and provide you with feedback you can apply immediately.
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What past candidates have to say about our coaches

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Tamara is a great coach! She gave me lots of useful feedback and I really enjoyed our discussions.”
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“Thank you for helping me feel confident, and giving me specific, actionable advice.”
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“ Julie was a true pleasure to work with. She gave insightful, actionable feedback on my case and had useful tips on developing my preparation plan.”

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Other candidates buy 5 sessions on average. Sessions can be scheduled with any coach.
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Practice 1-on-1 with ex-interviewers from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc.

Learn what to expect during interviews by practicing common questions in advance. We rigorously select our coaches and only hire the best. Here are three of our best coaches.
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Vikram is a former Engagement Manager in New York and San Francisco. He's interviewed 75+ candidates during his time at McKinsey and holds an MBA from Wharton.
David profile picture
David is a former Project Leader in New York. He's interviewed 100+ candidates during this time with BCG and holds a PhD from Harvard University.
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Ross is a former Associate Consultant in Chicago. He's interviewed 100+ candidates during this time with Bain. Today he works in PE and is studying for an MBA at Wharton.

How it works

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Work with your coach and land consulting offers!

Get an offer or 50% of your money back on the first session

We want our incentives to be aligned with yours. That's why we'll give you 50% of your money back on the first session (1h) if you don't get an offer. We're the only ones to do this in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have availability for coaching sessions over the next few weeks?

You can see each coach’s availability before buying on their profiles here.

How quickly can I start?

Our coaches only need 24h notice to be booked. So, if you purchase your sessions today you could start as early as tomorrow.

Can I get a refund for unused sessions?

Yes, unused coaching sessions can be refunded, but the refund will correct for the discount you initially got.

As an example, if you buy 10 sessions, you will pay 10 x $120 = $1,200. If you end up only using 5 sessions, we will refund you the difference between what you have paid ($1,200), and what you would have paid had you purchased 5 sessions (5 x $135 = $675). So in this specific example we would refund: $1,200 - $675 = $525.

You can request a refund for your unused sessions directly from the order tab in your account .

Is there a time limit to use the coaching sessions?

There is no time limit to use the coaching sessions. You can purchase them now and use them whenever you like.

How are sessions scheduled?

Once you've purchased your sessions you'll have access to our coaching scheduling system. You'll be able to pick a coach and select an available time slot in their calendar. Coaches require 24h notice for the sessions. So if you purchase today you could start with your first session as early as tomorrow. When you book a coach you'll also be able to let them know what you'd like to focus on for your session (e.g. framework structuring) and they'll be able to help with that.

What is included in the coaching session?

Your coaching session is tailored to you. Your coach will work with you in advance of the session to decide what you will cover during the hour. Most of the candidates who work with us use this time to do a full mock interview.

When booking a coach you’ll be given the opportunity to specify what companies you’re interviewing with (e.g. McKinsey, BCG, etc.) and what question types you would like to focus on (e.g. Case, Behavioral, etc.). If you don’t know the answer to these questions yet that’s completely fine – your coach will be here to guide you.

What's your cancellation, "no show" and rescheduling policy?

Coaching sessions can be cancelled and rescheduled for free by giving us more than 24h notice. In other words, if you decide you don't need the session anymore and tell us more than 24h in advance it will be eligible for a refund as an "unused" session. Or if you decided that you want to do the session at another time and tell us more than 24h in advance we will reschedule it for free.

If you fail to attend a coaching session, or are more than 15mins late, the session will be considered a "no show" and it will count as having been used.

How do I apply for the money back guarantee?

If you don't get an offer, all you need to do is to upload the rejection email you received in this short application form. Our team will refund you 50% of the first coaching hour cost. We don’t cover additional coaching hours because it’s not financially sustainable for us to do so.

To be eligible for that guarantee you need to actually interview. This guarantee does not cover cases where you are not invited to interview, or decide to cancel your application.

Any additional questions?

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