BCG Potential Test passing score: 70%+

If you've been invited to take the BCG Potential Test (aka BCG Online Test), you're probably wondering what's the passing score for the test. 

We estimate the cut-off score is around 70%

BCG does not make an official cut-off score available for its test. One of the reasons for this is that the cut-off score will vary slightly based on a number of things including: the office where you are applying, the role that you are targeting and the hiring needs of the firm at the time you apply.

That being said, it is still helpful to roughly know what kind of score you should aim for in your preparation to make it to the next round of interviews.

At IGotAnOffer, our best estimate is that the cut-off score is around 70%. This is based on our own experience of taking the test as well as on feedback from more than 500 candidates who prepared for the test with us so far. In both cases, people who made it to the next round of interviews were scoring 70% or higher in the last stages of their BCG Potential Test preparation AND did well on the day of the test.

Scoring high is not enough

In most instances, you will have interviews at BCG on the same day as you take the test. If you do really well at the test but not so well at your case interviews then you most likely won't make it to the second round of interviews.

Indeed, your test score is only ONE of the criteria on which you'll be assessed. Your case interview scores will also be taken into account by your interviewers when they compare you to other candidates and decide if they should push you to the next round.

You therefore need to score 70%+ at the test AND do well at case interviews. One of the mistakes candidates often make is to prepare for the BCG Potential Test but to forget to put enough effort into preparing for BCG interviews. Don't forget to do both!

How to get from low scores to 70%+

If you started training for the BCG Potential Test you've probably noticed that scoring 70% is not easy. In fact, most candidates who take the test for the first time score less than 50%. (This included some of us at IGotAnOffer!) This really shows the importance of TRAINING for the test. 

In our experience, what prevents most candidates from improving their score is not being FAST enough at answering questions. This is why we created a step-by-step method to answer BGC Potential Test questions quickly and accurately.

We teach that method in our BCG Potential Test Training Programme and it has worked extremely well so far. More than 80% of people who train with us end up passing the test. We know this because we give 50% of their money back to people who don't.

So if you're serious about passing the test, come train with us. We'd love to have you onboard.

BCG Potential Test Training Programme

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